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                傳真: +86-555-6767858


                郵箱: web@ahhudong.com   ahhudong99@yahoo.com




                HuDong Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

                HuDong Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is a specialized company,designated by the nation to produce forging equipments,plate bender,plate shear,press machineand rolling bender machine etc,with a producing histroy of more than 30 years.

                With complete equipments,abundant technical force and preferable geographic location,the company has developed rapidly on design development and manufacture capability of products,and adopted advanced processing equipments,perfect design plan,and consummate technological flow,the product has a beauty appearance a durable structure,and a safety as well as reliable performance.Parts of products won the title of“Award of high quality",and Assessed“Grace—AAA Credit Unit”in successive seve ral years,etc.

                Our products have passed certificate of IS09001:2008 Quality Management System;all products have obtained product responsibility insurance by PICC.

                The production management scale have been extended year after year with advantaged product market and high recognition by the customer,since 30 years,the company has always adhered to the management idea of“Customer First,Quality First”with faithful management,and established reliable market channel as well as mature clienteles,no matter at now or in future,the pursued objective for product quality by the company is:high-grade,high-precision,advanced technology,strive for manufacturing the most perfect machine tool products.

                Management--Scientific management and striving for excellence

                Scientifization of enterprise management,standardization of quality management;normalization of marketing management and star service management.Execute scientific management to soar high;strive for excellence to establish brand image.

                Talented personnel

                The elite gather to together pursue a dream,here a group of senior personnel who are good at operation and management,have professional knowledge and constantly go beyond themselves gather;we are devoted to building a study-oriented o rganization,strive to realize self through study,improve self-value.seek for harmony between personality development and team consciousness,and keep pace with the time through constant study!

                Cultural deposits--colorful life lets the dream fly.

                Cultural deposits make you have a thinking brain;the tide of the times makes you have flying wings;
                Cultivate our lemperament,let our dream fly,and we all try to match the sky in height.


                How far we concentrate our spirit and energy to sow our thought for future,we can go there,where our thinking reaches,our action arrives there.The thought is the most vital flower, symbolizing wisdom and signifying ambitious and endless.The though extends constantly, travels through time and space and transcend the past.